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Tales of the Prafiner Dragnites

Here is an excerpt from my latest book, The Dragnite Paladins, coming soon.


image002A secret race of creatures existed long ago called Dragnites.
Granted wings and strength by God, the Dragnites assisted humanity in their fight against Demons across the lands.

Native to the large island of Prafiner they lived in castles, under the watch of the Paladins. Under oath, the Paladins built castles with large statues to allow the Dragnites to take a physical form and fight alongside them. Castle Zephar was one of those great castles to harbor Dragnites.

These are the tales of the Dragnites and Paladins of Castle Zephar.

Castle Zephar

The dark waters of evening lapped up on the beach front, reflecting, in places, the light of the moon and the light of a castle not far from where earth met the water. The gradually sinking sun cast the shadow of the castle over the approaching figure of an equine and rider.

The Captain of the Guard, a white-haired man with a beard of the exact same color, and one of his men stepped outside the gates as the rider brought his position to a halt and glided to the ground. "Pardon me, really good sir," he said to the stern-faced Captain. "Might you tell me where I am?"

"This here is Mansion Zephar," the Captain replied.

"Mansion Zephar …" the man repeated, taking a map from his robe and unrolling it. "A captivating name."

"I ensure you, lad, this is an incredibly fascinating place."

Trying to re-roll the map, the man fumbled it, and with a bounce fell into a pond. "Never could roll these things up," he mumbled, recovering the wet parchment and shaking it just a little. "I ought to identify a location to spend the night. I have actually been on the road since before dawn. Is there an inn close where I can rest?"

"You’re a man of the cloth?" the Captain asked, seeing the cross around his neck and the plain white robes he wore.

"Well, yes, however …"

"I believe you can camp right here."

"Right here? In the castle?"

The Captain nodded. "I can have your equine stabled, as well, for as long as ye likes."

"Oh, well, thank you, though I doubt that I will definitely be keeping beyond an evening or two," the man responded, taking hold of the reins and leading his horse onward. "Oh, pardon me," he said, shifting his soggy map and extending his hand. "My name is Andrin."

"This way, Brother Andrin," the Captain responded without taking the muse’s hand.

Andrin tracked down at the ramparts of the mansion. "You have numerous of those captivating statuaries."

"Oh," the Captain laughed. "They’re much more than statues. However you will be seeing that for yourself soon enough."

"Dragnites?" Andrin stated in an awed whisper. "Living with people?"

"They supply protection for us."

"Still … I have actually never ever seen the two races living together."

"And just precisely how much does a muse see?"

It was Andrin’s turn to laugh. "I haven’t consistently been a muse, Captain. Nor do I commonly select to stay in one spot for a long time. As a young man, I thought becoming a paladin would pacify my wanderlust … That’s when I studied of the dragnites. I longed to see them, but …"

"You could not identify any living around people?"

"Like finding unicorns by having dragons."

"Well, Brother Andrin, it would seem ye have actually located your unicorns."


How To Defeat Procrastination

Exclusive Book Excerpt: ’How To Defeat Procrastination’

What is it?

image002Everybody does it, including you. You have things to do, crucial things or mundane things, and you put off doing them until the last minute. If Procrastination were an Olympic event you might be in the running for a gold medal, you’re that good at it. You make jokes regarding being a world class procrastinator by having your good friends, informing them that you could finish that project right now if you desired to but (yawn) you’re simply going to do it tomorrow.

Procrastination is putting something off till later on, either due to carelessness or habitual laziness. It’s putting off till tomorrow exactly what you just as quickly might have certainly finished up today. A procrastinator postpones or unnecessarily prolongs doing something– just because.

Students are infamous for participating in this behavior. Papers have to be investigated and written, tests have to be studied for however, none of this is done or even started till the last minute. Pupils who wait normally spend a ton of time pulling all– nighters in order to catch up to where they should be or to cram for the huge test in the early morning.

An individual that is habitually late to everything, from marriage ceremonies to dates, is a person that procrastinates getting ready to leave. Possibly they do not start getting ready until it’s almost time to leave or they move so slowly that by the time they ought to leave for the event, they’re still way behind schedule.

Why do we let things slide till we’re in a time crunch and the due date is closing in and we’re not CLOSE to being finished? Why do we postpone?


Why do you do it? The conduct of procrastination influences practically everybody at one time or another in their life. For some it is a continuous habit, part of who they are, a not-so-endearing characteristic; for others it might be a situational thing and doesn’t affect too many events in their life. For whatever explanation, folks hold off things they don’t like to do.

Because You Are Afraid.

No one likes to admit that they fear something, but being worried could be the reason you held off doing what you know you must do. Whether it’s fear of failure or concern of success, it’s still worry. Worry is a paralyzing feeling. It has the capacity to cease us in our tracks-literally. Some authors suspect failure so they never ever compose that epic novel they have churning around inside of them. Some fear success and the result is the same. If you stall compulsively, and who doesn’t enjoy doing that, then you may fear that once you’re successful at a little something you’ll suffer the compulsion to continually succeed. This will ask you to work and complete exactly what you’ve started which will certainly cut into your obsession to hesitate. It’s a never ending cycle. Worry can make us hesitate.

Using The Internet To Make Money

Coming Soon

Check out the next installment of, How To Make Money Online. For the most up-to-date information and sneak peeks, visit Soluciones Tainas’ Facebook page.

Spoilers – Spoilers – Spoilers

Get excited! Check out an excerpt from our next book!

Internet Cash

You may have heard of folks making a great deal of hard earned cash off of the Web and speculated if it was true.

“It’s true.”

image006You are able to actually turn your computer into a cash machine and start making money on a number of online endeavors and you can do it by having little or no investment.

The Web has actually spawned a number of millionaires, it has actually helped stay-at-home moms bring in a little more money for their homes, sprouted various sites promoting everything under the sun and it’s made individuals well-known and rich at the same time. There are several means to making an online income, and I’m going to share a few of them with you here in the following pages. If you follow the techniques in this book, there’s no way to NOT make some cash.

You can easily write eBooks, create articles and have them distributed, you can easily blog, you can offer things on eBay, you can easily come to be a respected affiliate online marketer, a Web Online marketer or offer things on Craigslist.

It’s all there for the taking, so step up and get your piece of the Net pie.


There are some things you have to do before you leap right into making money online.

Initially, you must determine just what it is that you desire to do. Have a look at where your strengths lie, just what you’re interested in, exactly what talents you have and what you can do with them. People who make a really good income off the Net, generally do so because they utilize their gifts, their talents and even their pastimes.

You’ll require a computer system, Internet accessibility, and the capability to take payments online from a service such as Paypal or credit cards. You’ll want a web site, so you ought to try to find low-cost domains to buy that may host your Internet venture, if that’s the direction you’re going to take your business in.

There are some means to make money online without owning a website and I’ll converse more concerning those later on.

Adjustments to help save energy and gas!

Only a few days before you can read Saving Energy, The Right Way on your digital reader.

Saving Energy Can Begin in your Home

image002Energy is not a little something that is cost-free, in fact, energy is incredibly pricey. Whether it’s in the form of fuel for your home or fuel in your car’s tank, anywhere we go we’re hearing about ways to be more power efficient so we can be saving money on fuel costs. The high expense of fuel for our houses and automobiles is almost driving some to bankruptcy. Although there is no way to entirely get rid of many of these expenses, conserving money on fuel costs is possible.

Some products in our house that might use some variety of gas are our cooking stove, washing machine and water heater. Next to our water heater, the apparatus that eats the most fuel and power use is the water heater. The water heater is used for washing dishes, taking showers and doing laundry. If you are part of a sizable family, especially with growing kids, you know the hot showers and dirty laundry seem to go on with no end. Trying a plan where saving money on fuel costs is a possibility is the only selection for many families members. Your water heater might be the first place to start this deal.

If you’re purchasing a water heater, do not grab the very first water heater you see just because it’s the most cost effective. Although a lot of new water heaters are energy effective and will certainly help save on fuel costs, some are more effective than others. Do not place yourself in a position where you’re paying hundreds of dollars more each year than you need to be paying simply because your water heater is inefficient. Ensure you buy an efficient water heater. Here are some suggestions on the most vital things to try to find when purchasing a water heater:

  1. Power efficient water heaters come in numerous different sizes so make sure you get the size you need to satisfy the requirements of your household. It’s not uncommon for a household of 5 to utilize 100 gallons of hot water daily.
  2. Make sure the water heater you get has an inexpensive radiant heat loss rating. A rating of 15 or less is good. The radiant heat passes from the water heater to the atmosphere beyond the heater instead of returning in the water.
  3. Make sure your new water heater has a reduced cycling loss, which is the amount of heat that is lost as it goes throughout your house. The lower the number the more desirable its productivity.
  4. Take into account buying a tankless heater. Although it is a great deal more costly to buy and set up it can be up to 30 percent less expensive to run. The money you save may add up.

Saving Money on Energy Prices Year-round in the Home

Home heating is at an all time high. Every winter we think the cost of heating our houses can not get a great deal higher just to discover the following year that the price has, once again, increased. When the cost of living continues to go up each year, consumers are picking just what extravagances in their lives they can quit to conserve money. However, heat for our homes is not something that we are able to give up or do without. There are, nevertheless, methods of saving money on energy costs. Whether you’re heating your house with oil, natural gas, propane fuel, wood or coal, there are means of conserving on energy costs if you’re actually willing to make some modifications in your life.

One procedure of saving cash on gas prices that has actually been remarkably successful is heating the home by having a wood pellet oven. People that have tried these are surprised at the savings in energy costs.

The use of wood pellet stoves is said to have indeed cut the charge of heating the home by one 3rd to one half of what they might pay by having natural gas or oil. Also better is the fact that the pellets are a gas source that’s renewable. While the expense of a wood pellet oven is roughly 2 thousand bucks, the savings, the money you’ll be conserving on fuel prices, the furnace will pay for itself in a couple of years. Numerous homeowners are starting to switch to wood pellet stoves so the need for pellets has become fairly high. By having the old "supply and demand" formula, the cost of pellets or wood pellet stoves may rise too, but they’re still a lot more efficient than standard oil or natural gas heaters.

Wood pellets are made from rubbish leftovers at sawmills and lumber providers, but it’s rubbish that was utilized to uncover its way into the landfills. Whereas at one time, people can pick up this rubbish for free, this is no longer the case since now homeowners are conserving money on fuel rates by making use of these wood pellets.

Another different approach people have actually attempted is a form of bio fuels. Biogas is one more method for conserving money on energy prices, it’s come to lots in the form of soybeans or rather soybean oil. Soybean oil, when mixed with regular heating oil makes superb heating oil that’s a lot better for the atmosphere. This can save up a whole lot in locations where soybeans are grown constantly.

Best wishes

Survival Guide to Valentine’s Day

Here another excerpt of Valentine’s Day Alone? which will be available shortly.


image00210 years ago if you had actually asked a person what Valentine’s meant to them they might undoubtedly advise you that it was really no big deal. It may have actually been essential for a florist or a neighborhood eatery that provides flowers with its dinner, however, there was never ever a big deal concerning it and never ever excessive money, time and effort that was spent on it.

Nevertheless, these days Valentine’s Day is such a big thing that you might have to be living on the moon if you didn’t understand almost anything about it. As early as December, you will be surrounded by advertisements, promotions, unique deals and gift concepts in newspapers, on TELEVISION, on radio, on the Internet – basically everywhere you look.

For some folks all this media hype is way too much and they like to dismiss the slightest insinuation that Valentine’s Day is on its way. Others may feel it rather depressing that they see or hear so much pertaining to it almost everywhere, considering that they are actually single and identify that they will certainly have no one on that date.

Contrary to public opinion though, Valentine’s Day is about love and not always with a few people. It can likewise be shared among family, buddies and anybody you would prefer to share love with. You can be 9 or 90 but love is something most of us feel and it is most definitely something we all require in both little and huge ways. It keeps us delighted so there’s undoubtedly no need to let the commercial areas of Valentine’s ruin this notion for you.

A simple "I’m thinking about you” or "Mom, you mean a lot to me" can easily make a substantial distinction in anyone’s life, regardless of whether you are the giver or the recipient.

Rising above the Blues.

First and foremost you must at all times bear in mind that self-pity never ever made the world a better place for anybody even if it is Valentine’s Day. If being alone seems to be such a problem to you then it might be best to set yourself up for doing something about it. Don’t wallow. The more time you enable yourself to spend on thinking precisely how depressed you are then the more depressed you are very likely to be.

The trick of overcoming that dreary feeling is to make sure that it has no chance of taking place in the first place by attempting to keep yourself occupied at all times. Be it through tasks, family members or good friends, do not let yourself to rest and look at photographs or notices that are going to leave you feeling sad, morose and lonely. Even if you do discover these images or additional mementos by accident, bear in mind that at one point you were happy and, as they state, you must not have regrets pertaining to something that made you grin in the first place.

Seeing that you require time to identify a date and preferably one with someone that you at least like, you had better be quick concerning it. Also as you find the advertisements and special promotions that begin coming out in late December, you had better put a stop to those self-pitying thoughts and get moving to try to get yourself a date, or at a minimum working up an optimistic mindset for Valentine’s Day.

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