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Are You Prepared for a Disaster

image001Disasters are a really real situation that can easily occur anywhere in the world at any time.

Experiencing a disaster is terrible enough, having the additional disadvantage of being unprepared for such an event may eventually generate even more avoidable stress in an already stressful circumstance.

There are countless benefits in being prepared for an emergency condition.

Being prepared will definitely aid in decreasing the amount of concern, stress and anxiety that typically takes place throughout a condition. By being prepared and familiarizing yourself with operations carried out throughout these situations you may guarantee these feelings are lessened.

Increased quantities of stress and anxiety could generate an individual being not able to respond effectively or efficiently during a condition. If you can easily not think and act adequately, it is unexpected that you will have the ability to efficiently manage yourself and your household. By being prepared with the proper equipment, and by familiarizing yourself with the properties, requirements and procedures throughout appropriate forms of emergency situations, you will definitely increase your chances of having the ability to react adequately to such conditions.

By being prepared and knowing ahead of time what might occur in specified conditions, you could even efficiently diminish the impact of a condition. For example, if you familiarize yourself with the attributes of a cyclone, in the event that you identify yourself in such a circumstance you will have the ability to secure objects and look for shelter, hence you may have the ability to efficiently decrease the quantity of damages sustained by the cyclone.


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Using Facebook to make money from local businesses

image002The 3rd approach of making effortless money from offline enterprises is to offer Facebook page production services. EVERY big name company nowadays has a Facebook page which is an excellent selling point for this service.

As soon as you clarify the benefits of social networking, constructing Granted, a great deal of businesses may already have one or they recognize just how to set it up but numerous will not. These are the ones you need to create and then provide to produce one for them.

Some businesses might have a Myspace web page however not a Facebook, or vice versa. Some businesses might require you to "pimp" their Facebook web page.

You can charge anywhere from $ 50-100 QUICKLY to set-up a Facebook page for a regional offline business. Exactly how many of these do you think you can do in a week ?!

Plus, it ought to just take an hour at most (more like 15 minutes!) To set up one of these web pages for your customer, so the labor included is not tough at all, for that reason $ 100 is worth it.

If you are able to charge even more and you feel like it is proper then by all ways, do it!


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Not worth the electrons it’s printed on

saving-gasAbout a month ago, we received one of the worst reviews ever posted by a reader to one of our books. Read part of it below to see what we mean.

"Often when reading these, I find that the author should have written it in his native language and fed it into an automated translation tool rather than attempt (and fail) to write in English. This one is not quite that bad, though that strategy still may produce a better result. It’s plainly obvious that the author is not a native English speaker and much of it is unintentionally funny, but you can understand what is meant by most sentences. It’s not *completely* incomprehensible and there’s not much totally incorrect information so I did not rate it down to 1 star, but it’s still a failure."

Ok, lets be clear, for the first few days, we were furious about the review. Nevertheless after the barrage of blaming each other had concluded, we decided to re-read the review and take a new look at the book. Guess what, we have to thank BovinitySupreme for his honesty and actually taking the time to write the review.

First we made changes to our editing staff, and added an additional editor. We re-edited not only this book, but 8 others that really needed it. After the smoke cleared we can finally say that our books are not only up to par with the reviewers expectations but are better reads in english as well as other languages. If you already bought this book, but have not read it, please re-download the revised edition and you will be pleasantly surprised.

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